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The Reset is designed to nourish and replenish your body with a diverse selection of nutrient-dense living foods.

For each day of the cleanse you will be provided with breakfast, lunch, dinner, a plant-based sweet treat, and a detoxifying or immune-boosting drink.

The meals are made from both raw and dehydrated ingredients as to keep them as enzyme-rich and delicious as possible, while giving your body a break from heavily cooked and overly-processed foods. Previous cleanses have included items such as: raspberry-coconut crepes, kelp noodle vegetable alfredo, sun-dried-tomato samosas, nacho kale chips and key lime pie bars. 

As with our weekly service, we never use gluten, dairy, soy, refined-sugar, preservatives or other additives. 

Meals are 90%-100% organic, just dependent on availability. (We always aim for 100% organic, but some weeks it's just not possible.)

​Please email for additional information and to be notified of the next cleanse dates. 

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